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LFCS Members

Director of Institute

  • Kousha Etessami - Personal Page - Automated verification, model checking, modeling and analysis of reactive and concurrent systems, testing, temporal logic and automata, algorithms and computational complexity, applications of logic, databases.

Academic Staff

  • Stuart Anderson - Design and analysis of dependable systems, formal proof in systems development.
  • Myrto Arapinis - Personal page - verification of cryptographic protocols, verification of security properties, detection of attacks, formal models, protocol composition
  • David Aspinall - Personal Page - Computer security (particularly proof-carrying code), type systems for specification and programming languages, and proof development environments.
  • Julian Bradfield - Personal Page - Modal and temporal logics, model-checking, concurrency, independence logics, descriptive complexity and set theory, UML and modelling languages.
  • Peter Buneman - Personal Page - Databases: data models, query languages, semistructured data, data provenance, databases and programming languages. Programming languages: functional programming and type systems. Bioinformatics and scientific databases. Mathematical phylogeny.
  • James Cheney - Personal Page - Databases and data provenance, programming languages and compilers, generic programming, logic and automated theorem proving, compression and information theory, XML and related technologies
  • Mary Cryan - Personal Page - Randomized algorithms, especially algorithms for sampling and counting; learning theory; algorithms for computational biology.
  • Wenfei Fan - Personal Page - Database theory and systems: data integration, data quality, query languages, database security, XML, distributed query processing, integrity constraints, and applications; Web services: models, verification, composition and aggregation; logic and computation.
  • Michael Fourman - Formal models of digital systems, system-design tools, proof assistants, categorical semantics, propositional planning.
  • Stephen Gilmore - Personal Page - Formal methods of program development, formal specifications, software engineering, concurrent systems.
  • Paolo Guagliardo - Personal Page - database theory, knowledge representation and semantic web, proagation of view updates in relational databases
  • Chris Heunen - Personal Page - quantum computer science and the mathematical foundations of physics, especially quantum mechanics, and its logical aspects. Category theory, functional analysis, and order theory.
  • Jane Hillston - Personal Page - Stochastic process algebras, Markov processes and performance modelling.
  • Paul Jackson - Personal Page - Mechanical theorem proving, reactive systems, linear temporal logic.
  • Kyriakos Kalorkoti - Computational complexity, computer algebra, decision problems in group theory.
  • Elham Kashefi - Personal Page - Models of quantum computing and their structural relations, exploring new applications, algorithms and cryptographic protocols for quantum information processing device.
  • Aggelos Kiayias - Personal Page - Cryptography and Computer Security, blockchain-based protocols, bitcoin, E-Voting systems, privacy-preserving cryptographic protocols.
  • Leonid Libkin - Databases and Applications of logic in computer science.
  • John Longley - Personal Page - Higher type computability, semantics of programming languages, program verification.
  • Sebastian Maneth - Personal Page - Databases, Automata Theory and Applications, Data Compression

Support Staff

Associate Members

  • Alan Bundy - Personal Page - Understanding the processes of mathematical reasoning and discovery, including the processes of inference, learning, analogy, proof analysis and problem formalisation. In particular, the development of "proof plans".
  • Jizhou Luo
  • Faron Moller
  • Dave Robertson - Personal Page - Design and deployment of multi-agent systems; large-scale, automated design and transformation of knowledge bases and problem solvers; agent-oriented software engineering
  • Mark Steedman - Personal Page - Computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, formal grammar, spoken intonation, statistical parsing, spoken language processing, animated conversational agents, computational musical analysis.

Honorary Members

Postgraduate Students

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