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Event Rahul Santhanam: The Case of the New Menard
You're called upon to be sleuths and judges in a real-life academic mystery. (Clue: Yong Sun)
Event Richard Mayr: Genetic Testing: What can you learn from it?
Genotyping and even full genome sequencing is rapidly becoming more accessible to the general public. This talk gives an overview of the current techniques ...
Event Murray Cole: Why Parallel Programming is Hard, and What We Should Do About It
Technological trends dictate that future commodity hardware will be highly parallel and heterogeneous. We will need programming models and tools which allow ...
Event Leonid Libkin: Atacama desert and incomplete information
Atacama desert is the driest place on earth and is so similar to Mars that Nasa uses it to test instruments for its Mars missions. As any other desert, it ...
Event Vijayanand Nagarajan: Towards Semantics-directed Hardware Memory Consistency
The memory consistency model which mandates what value a memory read can return, is at the heart of shared memory concurrency. With regard to memory ...