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Event LFCS Seminar by Reiko Heckel: Rigid Graphs for Adaptive Networks
Event LFCS Seminar by NIshanth Sastry : On social information sensing & curation
Event LFCS seminar: Anastasis Georgoulas: Probabilistic programming process algebra
Event LFCS seminar: Zachary N. J. Peterson: Can games fix what's wrong with computer security education?
Event LFCS seminar: KC Sivaramakrishnan: Practical Algebraic Effect Handlers in Multicore OCaml
Event LFCS Seminar: Elias Koutsoupias
Near-optimal multi-unit auctions with ordered bidders
Event LFCS seminar: Gunnar Wilken: Combining Howard’s ordinal assignment and Weiermann’s collapsing technique to analyse Gödel’s T
Event LFCS Seminar: Eugene Asarin
Volume and entropy of regular timed languages
Event LFCS Seminar: Neel Krishnaswami
Simple and Efficient Higher-Order Reactive Programming
Event LFCS seminar: Sam Tobin-Hochstadt: Typed Racket and gradual typing
Event ICSA/LFCS Joint Colloquium: Laurence Tratt
Domain specific languages: why? how? and where next?
Event LFCS Seminar: Nitin Vaidya
TITLE: Network-Aware Distributed Algorithms
Event CISA/LFCS Seminar: Georges Gonthier
Proof engineering, from the Four Color to the Odd Order Theorem.
Event LFCS Seminar by Alex Labrinidis (University of Pittsburgh)
Handling Big Streaming Data with DILoS
Event LFCS seminar: Alexander C. Russell: Cliptography: Clipping the Power of Kleptographic Attacks
Speaker: Alexander C. Russell, University of Connecticut Title: Cliptography: Clipping the Power of Kleptographic Attacks
Event LFCS Seminar: Thomas Streicher
Computability in Quantum Theory
Event LFCS seminar: Peter Thiemann: Label-Dependent Session Types
Event LFCS seminar: Andrea Cali: Searching and querying the deep web: a foundational approach
Event LFCS Seminar by Dr. Matteo Mio
Convex Bisimilarity and Probabilistic Concurrent Systems
Event LFCS seminar: Dan Ghica: Diagrammatic Operational Semantics for Digital Circuits
Event LFCS seminar: Clemens Kupke: Learning via Coalgebraic Logic
Event LFCS Seminar: Alin Stefanescu
Test generation and model learning for Event-B
Event LFCS seminar: Mark Jerrum: A polynomial-time approximation algorithm for all-terminal network reliability
Event LFCS seminar: Jessica Enright: Counting small subgraphs in multi-layer networks
Event LFCS seminar: Varun Kanade: Hierarchical clustering: Objective functions and efficient algorithms
Event LFCS seminar: Mihai Cucuringu: Robust ranking via eigenvector and semidefinite programming synchronization
Event LFCS Seminar: Anthony Widjaja Lin
Tractability Results for Automata on (Vectors of) Numbers with Applications
Event LFCS seminar: Mayank Goswami:Distance sensitive Bloom filters without false negatives
Event LFCS Seminar: Andrew Pitts
Nominal Scott Domains
Event LFCS seminar: Dominic Orchard: Fine-grained program reasoning via graded modal type theories