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Event LFCS seminar: Anastasis Georgoulas: Probabilistic programming process algebra
Event LFCS seminar: Zachary N. J. Peterson: Can games fix what's wrong with computer security education?
Event LFCS seminar: KC Sivaramakrishnan: Practical Algebraic Effect Handlers in Multicore OCaml
Event LFCS seminar: Gunnar Wilken: Combining Howard’s ordinal assignment and Weiermann’s collapsing technique to analyse Gödel’s T
Event LFCS seminar: Sam Tobin-Hochstadt: Typed Racket and gradual typing
Event Lab Lunch by Roly Perera
Event Lab Lunch by James Cheney
Inside the sausage factory, or: what it's like to be on a standards committee
Event LFCS seminar: Peter Thiemann: Label-Dependent Session Types
Event Lab Lunch by Stephen Gilmore
Model-checking Edinburgh Buses
Event Lab Lunch by Tamise Totterdell
Edinburgh Research Explorer, PURE and Research Data Management
Event LFCS seminar: Andrea Cali: Searching and querying the deep web: a foundational approach
Event LFCS seminar: Dan Ghica: Diagrammatic Operational Semantics for Digital Circuits
Event LFCS seminar: Clemens Kupke: Learning via Coalgebraic Logic
Event LFCS seminar: Mark Jerrum: A polynomial-time approximation algorithm for all-terminal network reliability
Event LFCS seminar: Jessica Enright: Counting small subgraphs in multi-layer networks
Event LFCS seminar: Varun Kanade: Hierarchical clustering: Objective functions and efficient algorithms
Event LFCS seminar: Mihai Cucuringu: Robust ranking via eigenvector and semidefinite programming synchronization
Event Course on Dependently typed metaprogramming (in Agda) by Conor McBride
Event LFCS seminar: Mayank Goswami:Distance sensitive Bloom filters without false negatives
Event LFCS seminar: Dominic Orchard: Fine-grained program reasoning via graded modal type theories
Event LFCS seminar: Robin Cockett: Abstract computability: unifying complexity and computability
Event LFCS seminar: David Tse and Pramod Viswanath
Event LFCS seminar: László Végh: Strongly polynomial algorithms for market equilibrium computation
Event LFCS seminar: Éric Tanter: Gradual Parametricity, Revisited
Event LFCS seminar: Jennifer Hackett: How to Replace Sharing with Fortune-Telling
Event LFCS seminar: Oliver Bračevac: The marriage of effects and joins
Event LFCS seminar: Tom Schrijvers: Explicit effect subtyping
Event LFCS seminar: Ulrich Schöpp: Interaction semantics for low-level programming and compilation
Event LFCS seminar: Richard Mayr: On strong determinacy of countable stochastic games
Event LFCS seminar: Verena Wolf: Generalized method of moments for estimating parameters of stochastic reaction networks