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Event Lab Lunch with Leonid Libkin
Leonid Libkin will be our speaker. Biscuits will be provided as usual.
Event Lab Lunch with Brian Campbell
What language should you write your next online, in-the-cloud, get rich quick scheme in? I'll talk a little about why I find blockchain systems entertaining ...
Event Lab lunch by Adel Noureddine
Why algorithms should manage energy, not humans.
Event Lab Lunch by Chris Heunen
The child's play of quantum informatics
Event Title: The 2017 ICFP programming contest
Speaker: Dr Sam Lindley
Event Language-integrated Provenance in Haskell
Speaker: Jan Stolarek
Event Title: How much logic should a first-year student learn?
Speaker: Don Sannella
Event Lab Lunch with Andrea Weisse
Andrea Weisse will be speaking about a model of cellular growth. Biscuits and company will be provided as usual.
Event Lab lunch by Stephen Gilmore
Robin Milner: Private Communication
Event Lab Lunch Talk by Andreas Chatzistergiou
Andreas Chatzistergiou will be our speaker. Biscuits will be provided as usual.
Event Lab Lunch by Matteo Cavaliere
Computing by Observing
Event Title: Test Case Permutation to Improve Execution Time
Speaker: Ajitha Rajan
Event Lab lunch by Sebastian Maneth
Sebastian Maneth will speak about Formal Graph Language Theory. Biscuits will be arranged by Fabian Peternek.
Event Lab Lunch by Kyriakos Kalorkoti
Two Brief Talks: Solving Łukasiewicz mu-terms, and Photographing LFCS.
Event Lab Lunch by Conor McBride
Event Lab Lunch by Malcolm Atkinson
How should we think about data-intensive federation
Event Title: Verifying safety and persistence properties of hybrid systems
Speaker: Paul Jackson
Event Title: Covert timing channels in cloud: a mathematical analysis
Speaker: Wei Chen
Event Title: The Bayes Centre - All questions answered
Speaker: Michael Rovatsos
Event Lab Lunch with Daniel Franzen
Daniel Franzen will be our speaker. Biscuits will be provided as usual.
Event Lab Lunch by Daniël Reijsbergen
Recomputability of scientific experiments
Event Lab Lunch with Nicolas Behr
Physicist-friendly computer science: nondeterminism via associative algebras
Event Detection of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) with Formal Concept Analysis (FCA): first steps
Speaker: Ghita Berrada
Event Lab Lunch by Sławek Staworko
Between music and roller skating
Event Title: Cyber Security in the Quantum Era
Speaker: Petros Wallden
Event Lab Lunch by Faron Moller
Professor Faron Moller from Swansea University will talk about Technocamps, an outreach programme he runs in Wales.
Event Title: "How standard is the Standard?
Speaker: Leonid Libkin
Event Title: The geometry of Boolean algebra
Speaker: Chris Heunen
Event Lab Lunch with Stratis Viglas
At this additional Lab lunch Stratis Viglas will chair a discussion of nominations for Milner Lecturers.
Event Lab Lunch by Tomasz Gogacz
Determination of queries by views