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Event LFCS Seminar: Paolo Zuliani
Verification of Stochastic Systems by Statistical Model Checking
Event LFCS seminar: Nicolas Wu: Syntax and handlers for operations with scopes
Event LFCS seminar: Artur Czumaj: Round Compression for Parallel Matching Algorithms
Event LFCS seminar: Pan Peng: Graph Property Testing and Random Order Streams
Event LFCS seminar: Igor Carboni Oliveira: Randomness and Intractability in Kolmogorov Complexity
Event LFCS Seminar: Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg: Inductive-inductive definitions in Type Theory
Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg, University of Strathclyde
Event LFCS Seminar: Jean-Raymond Abrial
Formalizing Hybrid Systems with Event-B
Event LFCS seminar: Aggelos Kiayias: End-to-end verifiable elections
Event LFCS Seminar: Ohad Kammar
Title: Algebraic Foundations to Effect-Dependent Optimisations
Event LFCS seminar: Prakash Panangaden: Quantitative equational reasoning
Event LFCS seminar: Ronald Garcia: Gradual Enforcement of Program Invariants
Event Random Coordinate Descent Methods for Minimizing Decomposable Submodular Functions
LFCS Seminar by Dr. Alina Ene (Warwick)
Event LFCS seminar: Paul Levy — Transition Systems over Games
Paul Levy (University of Birmingham)
Event LFCS Seminar: Dave Parker
Automatic Verification of Competitive Stochastic Systems.
Event LFCS seminar: Maciej Piróg: Handle with care: relational interpretation of algebraic effects and handlers
Event LFCS Seminar: Alessandro Panconesi
Algorithmic Aspects of Social Networks
Event LFCS Seminar: Damian Niwinski
Complexity of infinite tree languages -- when automata meet topology
Event LFCS Seminar: Dan Ghica
Towards a system-level semantics
Event LFCS seminar: Claude Heiland-Allen: GULCII: Graphical Untyped Lambda Calculus Interactive Interpreter
Event LFCS seminar: Noam Zeilberger: Lambda calculus and the four colour theorem
Event LFCS/CISA seminar: Alice Miller: Probabilistic model checking for UAV controller generation
Event LFCS seminar: Vaishak Belle: First-order probabilistic relational models
Event LFCS Seminar: Fred Long
The CERT Oracle Secure Coding Standard for Java
Event LFCS Seminar: Phil Wadler
Propositions as Sessions
Event LFCS seminar: Dalal Alrajeh: Repairing Software Requirements Models: A Declarative Learning-based Approach
Event LFCS seminar: Mirco Musolesi: Spatio-temporal Networks: Reachability, Centrality, and Robustness
Event LFCS seminar: Ashley Montanaro: Opportunities and challenges for quantum algorithms for constraint satisfaction problems
Event LFCS Seminar: Andrei Sabelfeld
Tracking information flow in web applications
Event LFCS Seminar: Pawel Sobocinski
Algebras of Petri Nets
Event LFCS Seminar: Danel Ahman
Normalization by evaluation and algebraic effects