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Event LFCS Away Day 2014
The LFCS Away Day will be an opportunity to spend time away from the Informatics Forum, listening to stimulating talks, taking part in networking and ...
Image Modern Art Front
Page Short Research Presentations
File Philip Wadler
File Stratis Viglas
File Rik Sarkar
File Rahul Santhanam
File Ajitha Rajan
File Richard Mayr
File Wenfei Fan
File Kousha Etessami
File James Cheney
File David Aspinall
Page Research Videos
File PDF Eva Tardos lecture slides
Page Games, Auctions, Learning, and the Price of Anarchy
Event Course on Dependently typed metaprogramming (in Agda) by Conor McBride
Page LMS Scheme 7
Event LFCS/ICSA Joint Seminar: Laurence Tratt, 29 Feb 2012
Domain specific languages: why? how? and where next?
Event LFCS Seminar: Ross Duncan
The ZX-Calculus: a graphical approach to quantum computing
Event LFCS Seminar: Jean-Eric Pin
Equational descriptions of logic fragments
Event Database seminar: Dr Gerald Weber, Efficient and flexible Joins for near-real time data processing.
Event Lab Lunch: Dr James Cheney
Event Lab Lunch: Ohad Kammar
Event Lab Lunch: Nicolas Oury
Page Video recod of LFCS lectures
Page Prof Prakash Panangaden's lectures - Bisimulation, Approximation and Metrics for Labelled Markov Processes
Abstract: Labelled Markov Processes (LMPs) are a combination of traditional labelled transition systems and Markov processes and are closely related to ...
Page Prof Philip Scott - Free Topos Seminar
Event Lab Lunch: Dr Brian Campbell
An executable semantics for CompCert
Image events video