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Event LFCS/ICSA Joint Seminar: Laurence Tratt
Experiences of implementing a VM with RPython
Event LFCS Seminar: Rustan Leino
Building an SMT-based program verifier using Boogie
Event LFCS seminar by Colin Riba (ENS Lyon)
Forcing MSO on Infinite Words in Weak MSO
Event LFCS seminar by Michael Johnson: Information structure, three ways
Event LFCS Seminar: Navin Goyal
Analysis of Thompson Sampling for the Multi-armed Bandit Problem
Event LFCS seminar: Luca Cardelli: Programming with chemical reactions
Event LFCS Seminar: Dmitrios Vytiniotis
Static contract checking for Haskell through FOL semantics
Event LFCS/ICSA Joint Seminar: Laurence Tratt, 29 Feb 2012
Domain specific languages: why? how? and where next?
Event LFCS seminar: Ross Duncan: Interacting Frobenius Algebras are Hopf but Quantum Theory is not Petri-nets
Event LFCS seminar: Mark de Berg: Fine-grained complexity analysis of two classic TSP variants
Event LFCS seminar: Rasmus Ibsen-Jensen: Faster algorithms for program analysis
Event LFCS seminar: Antonio Filieri: Probabilistic Symbolic Execution: Bringing quantitative analysis at code level
Event LFCS Seminar: Anindya Banerjee
Modular Reasoning about Object-based Programs
Event LFCS Seminar: Barnaby Martin
A tetrachotomy for positive equality-free logic
Event LFCS seminar by Ulfar Erlingsson (Google)
Macaroons: Cookies with Contextual Caveats for Decentralized Authorization in the Cloud
Event LFCS seminar by Dr Ewen Denney: Towards Automation in Assurance Cases
Event LFCS Seminar: Mihalis Yannakakis
The Complexity of Non-Monotone Markets
Event LFCS Seminar: Benoit Valiron
Quipper: A Scalable Quantum Programming Language.
Event LFCS seminar: Stephen Dolan: Polymorphism, subtyping and type inference in MLsub
Event LFCS Seminar: Luca Cardelli
The Cell Cycle Switch Computes Approximate Majority
Event LFCS/CISA Joint Seminar: Stefan Hetzl
Algorithmic Introduction of Quantified Cuts
Event LFCS Seminar: Fritz Henglein
Towards generic distributive sorting and searching
Event LFCS Seminar: Philip Welch
Transfinite Time Computation and Determinacy
Event LFCS End-of-Year Quiz
Event LFCS seminar: Danupon Nanongkai: Challenges in distributed shortest paths algorithms
Event LFCS Seminar: Gerome Miklau
Managing Sensitive Personal Data: Protection or Profit?
Event LFCS Seminar: James Brotherston
Cyclic Abduction of Inductive Safety & Termination Preconditions
Event LFCS semianr by Stanislav Zivny: The complexity of finite-valued CSPs
The complexity of finite-valued CSPs Stanislav Zivny (Oxford) (based on work published at FOCS'12 and STOC'13, joint work with J. Thapper)
Event LFCS & Security seminar: Vincent Cheval: Timing attacks in security protocols: symbolic framework and proof techniques
Event LFCS & security seminar: Changyu Dong: Towards Practical Data-intensive Secure Computation