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Event LFCS Christmas Quiz
Event Lab Lunch Talk by Anastasis Georgoulas
Machine Learning for Formal Dynamical Systems
Event Lab Lunch with Elham Kashefi
Elham Kashefi will join us at Lab Lunch to talk about Quantum-enhanced Secure Delegated Classical Computing. Biscuits will be provided.
Event Lab Lunch Talk: Counting triangles under updates in worst-case optimal time
Speaker: Milos Nikolic
Event Title: An Operational Approach to Consistent Query Answering
Speaker: Andreas Pieris
Event Lab Lunch with Keith Edwards
Title: What your Business Development Executive (BDE) can do for you
Event Consensus in the Blockchain Era
Event Lab Lunch by Wei Chen
Towards Understanding Behaviours of Android Applications
Event Lab Lunch by Kousha Etessami
The complexity of computing a (quasi-)perfect equilibrium for an n-player extensive form game of perfect recall.
Event Title: Reachability for Branching Concurrent Stochastic Games
Speaker: Kousha Etessami
Event Lab Lunch by Perdita Stevens
What happens at an EPSRC prioritisation panel?
Event Lab Lunch by Karoliina Lehtinen
Eliminating complexity in modal mu calculus & a brief survey of folk dancing in Edinburgh and elsewhere.
Event Title: The Digital Skills Partnership: What do we need from industry?
Speaker: Stuart Anderson
Event Lab Lunch by Anna Pappa
Nonlocality and conflicting interests
Event Lab Lunch by James McKinna
Bidirectional transformations, from a dependently-typed perspective
Event Title: Graphs, Ellipsoids, and Balls-into-Bins: A linear-time algorithm for constructing linear-sized spectral sparsifiers
Speaker: He Sun
Event Title: Constant-Delay Traversal of Grammar-Compressed Graphs
Speaker: Fabian Peternek
Event Title: Triangulating Context Lemmas
Speaker: Ian Stark
Event Lab Lunch by James Cheney
Monads and lenses
Event Lab Lunch by Andrew Drucker
Limits to Efficient Preprocessing
Event Lab Lunch Talk: New results in approximate counting: Matroid bases and other problems
Speaker: Mary Cryan
Event Lab Lunch - Petros Wallden
What is quantum non-locality and how to use it to maintain privacy when you don't trust your own devices.
Event Lab Lunch - Michael Fourman
Quantifying inequality in the distribution of a binary advantage.
Event Lab Lunch - Paul Jackson
Creating finite-state abstractions of continuous systems
Event Title: Mobile $r$-gather: Distributed and Geographic Clustering for Location Anonymity
Speaker: Rik Sarkar
Event Lab Lunch by Julian Bradfield
Two short talks: "The structure of events in boolean games" and "The frustrations of shooting".
Event Lab Lunch by Rahul Santhanam
Event Lab Lunch by Mary Cryan
the Hirsch conjecture
Event Title: Games for security education
Speaker: Kami Vaniea
Event Lab Lunch by Jane Hillston