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The Forum Speech Labs

This website provides information about the speech related research research facilities located in the Informatics Forum

The Informatics Forum houses a number of custom built research laboratories that have been specifically designed to accommodate and promote excellence in speech research.


Sound Studios and Perception Lab

The Forum Sound Studios and the Forum Perception Labs Facilities are jointly owned and run by The School of Informatics and The School of Philosophy Psychology and Language Sciences to support current and future research needs of the staff and students in these schools. The Sound Studios suite provides four highly configurable recording areas that can be used independently or in combination with each other to perform general audio recording, audio recording in hemi-anechoic conditions, or audio recording in conjunction with eye-tracking or electromagnetic articulography. 

The Perception Lab suite provides two sets of four isolation booths for audio based perception experiments.


The Joint Eyetracking Lab

The joint eyetracking lab, housed within the sound studios, contains 2 eye-trackers and is designed with dialogue based eye-tracking experiments


The Shape Capture Suite (coming soon)

The shape capture suite, comprises of a high resolution static shape capture system. This facility is normally housed within the sound studios, but is reasonably portable.


The Instrumented Meeting Room

The Instrumented meeting room is an informatics facility designed to accommodate the recording of multi-party meeting.


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