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IPAB people


  • Sethu VijayakumarStatistical Machine Learning for Robotics, Planning, Optimisation and Adaptive Control, Computational Motor Control, Multimodal Sensorimotor Integration

Academic Staff


  • Vittorio Ferrari:  Computer vision: weakly supervised learning of visual models, object class detection, human pose estimation, images-text association
  • Maurice Fallon: Multi-sensor perception, Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), Bipedal locomotion and manipulation
  • Bob Fisher:  Model-based vision, 3D/range data interpretation and applications, video sequence analysis
  • Michael HerrmannNeurorobotics, self-organisation of behaviour, prosthetic control, computational neuroscience, neuroinformatics
  • Taku KomuraComputer graphics, robotics and biomechanics: human motion analysis and synthesis, physically-based animation and real-time computer graphics
  • Subramanian RamamoorthyInteractively intelligent robotics(Human-Robot Interaction, Multi-robot Systems, etc); Interactive learning and decision making; Wearable and netwroked sensor systems
  • Barbara WebbPerceptual systems for the control of behaviour, robot models of animals, simulation of neural circuits

Visiting Academic


Associate Academic Staff

Research Staff


  • Michael Mangan:  Investigating the visual navigational strategies employed by desert ants which accurately relocate their nest after long foraging journeys; a feat made all the more amazing given their hostile environment, their (relatively) tiny brain, and low resolution vision. Understanding the mechanisms driving these behaviours is of interest to both biology and robotics communities
  • Luca Del Pero: Computer vision and machine learning, with a focus on learning visual models of object categories from videos.
  • Jasper Uijlings: Computer Vision and Machine Learning: Edge Detection, Class-independent Object Regions, Object Localisation
  • Kostas Lagogiannis:
  • Antoine Wystrach:
  • Miaojing Shi:

PhD Research Students


Administrative Staff


Technical Support


  • Anthony Ashbrook3D vision, statistical modelling of visual data, dynamic models
  • Richard Baldock: 
  • Joanna BrysonAgent architectures and action selection for real and virtual robots
  • John Hallam:  Biorobotics, especially sensory biorobotic systems; user modelling in computer games;  computational neuroscience and machine learning
  • Roy Middleton
  • David RenshawAnalog & digital MOS circuit design, CMOS VLSI image sensors and sensor-processors applications of image processing
  • Qiang ShenModel based control, fuzzy systems, pattern recognition
  • Steve Wall
  • Gordon Watson
  • Mark Wright
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