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IPAB people


  • Barbara WebbPerceptual systems for the control of behaviour, robot models of animals, simulation of neural circuits

Academic Staff

  • Maurice Fallon: Multi-sensor perception, Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), Bipedal locomotion and manipulation
  • Vittorio Ferrari:  Computer vision:weakly supervised learning of visual models, object class detection, learning from video, contextual scene understanding
  • Bob Fisher:  Model-based vision, 3D/range data interpretation and applications, video sequence analysis
  • Michael HerrmannNeurorobotics, self-organisation of behaviour, prosthetic control, computational neuroscience, neuroinformatics
  • Taku KomuraComputer graphics, robotics and biomechanics: human motion analysis and synthesis, physically-based animation and real-time computer graphics
  • Zhibin (Alex) Li: 
  • Subramanian RamamoorthyLearning in autonomous robotics; Human-Robot/Multi-robot Interaction and Coordination, Interactive learning and decision making 
  • Sethu VijayakumarStatistical Machine Learning for Robotics; Planning, Optimisation and Adaptive Control for Anthropomorphic (Humanoid) Platforms; Computational Motor Control; Rehabilitation Robotics

Visiting Academic

Associate Academic Staff

  • Tim CollesMobile robot programming languages
  • Austin Tate:  Planning and activity management, Human-robot collaboration, Emergency response, search and rescue
  • Chris WilliamsMachine learning and computer vision
  • David WillshawConstruction of networks of neurons and the computations performed by them

Research Staff

PhD Research Students

Administrative Staff

Technical Support


  • Anthony Ashbrook3D vision, statistical modelling of visual data, dynamic models
  • Richard Baldock: 
  • Joanna BrysonAgent architectures and action selection for real and virtual robots
  • John Hallam:  Biorobotics, especially sensory biorobotic systems; user modelling in computer games;  computational neuroscience and machine learning
  • Margarita Chli:
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