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Edinferno: The University of Edinburgh RoboCup Team



The University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics will compete at this year's International RoboCup competition in João Pessoa, Brazil, 19-25 July!


What is RoboCup?


RoboCup, the Robot Soccer World Cup, is an international research and education initiative that uses the game of football as a motivating domain - it pits a team of dexterous robots against each other within a dynamic environment. The goal is no different from a regular football match: to attack, defend, strategize and score more goals than your opponent.

But it’s Only a Game?


RoboCup itself may only be a game but the research behind the competition has many real and important applications. Robot soccer, as a platform, forces us to work on real world issues such as the need for fast reactions, in a world with incomplete and noisy sensing, dynamic obstacles that are often adversarial and the need to cooperate with other agents - all crucial for the deployment of autonomous robots in the real world. Our work on teams of robots with distributed perception and action can be used in applications including, e.g., long term data collection, exploration and coordinated manipulation in remote and hostile environments. Spin-off technology from these developments have the promise to impact much wider fields including field and service robotics, interactive input devices, automated transport management systems, automated internet agents, etc.

For more information on our work see our ‘research pages’.

Our Team 


Team Edinferno 2014

We are a small team of researchers and students with interests in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Robotics and allied areas including Neuroinformatics. Our work on RoboCup is part of a wider investigation into the general problem of achieving robust autonomy and artificial intelligence in long lived agents.

For more information on our team please visit our ‘people’ pages.

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