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Algorithms for Student-Project Allocation

David Manlove Department of Computing Science University of Glasgow 4pm 4 November 2003 Room 2511, JCMB, King's Buildings

Many degree courses require students to undertake some form of project work. Typically we can identify a set of students, a set of projects and a set of lecturers. Students may have preferences over projects, and lecturers may also have preferences over students. In addition, projects and / or lecturers may have capacities, indicating the maximum number of students that can be assigned to them.

There is a growing interest in automating the process of allocating students to projects. Formally, we may define a family of related matching problems whose input involves some or all of the capacity and preference information as detailed above, depending on the particular local requirements.

In this talk I will describe efficient algorithms that may be used in order to solve these matching problems under a range of optimisation criteria. The new results presented are based on joint work with David Abraham and Rob Irving.

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