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Details of LFCS members.

 Academic staff

Jane Hillston, Director - Stochastic process algebras, Markov processes and performance modelling.


Stuart Anderson -  Design and analysis of dependable systems, formal proof in systems  development.


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Myrto Arapinis



David Aspinall
David Aspinall - Computer security (particularly proof-carrying code), type systems for specification and programming languages, and proof development environments.

 jcb Julian Bradfield - Modal and temporal logics, model-checking, concurrency, independence logics, descriptive complexity and set theory, UML and modelling languages.

Peter Buneman
Peter Buneman - Databases: data models, query languages, semistructured data, data provenance, databases and programming languages. Programming languages: functional programming and type systems. Bioinformatics and scientific databases. Mathematical phylogeny.

JamesC James Cheney - Programming languages, logic, scientific databases, provenance, verification.

Mary Cryan - Randomized algorithms, especially algorithms for sampling and counting; learning theory; algorithms for computational biology.

Vincent Danos - Foundational approaches to quantitative biology; syntaxes for representing, modelling, and understanding large protein networks; concurrent and stochastic systems.

Ilias Diakonikolas May2013
Ilias Diakonikolas - Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Learning, Game Theory.

 KoushaE Kousha Etessami - In general, theoretical computer science. More specifically: automated verification, logic, algorithms and computational complexity theory, algorithmic game theory, equilibrium computation, analysis of probabilistic systems, Markov decision processes, stochastic games, automata theory, model checking, analysis of infinite-state systems, finite model theory and descriptive complexity.

 WenfeiF Wenfei Fan - Database theory and systems: data integration, data quality, query languages, database security, XML, distributed query processing, integrity constraints, and applications; Web services: models, verification, composition and aggregation; logic and computation.

Michael Fourman - Formal models of digital systems, system-design tools, proof assistants, categorical semantics, propositional planning.

Stephen Gilmore - Formal methods of program development, formal specifications, software engineering, concurrent systems.


Andrew D. Gordon
- Computer security; programming languages and their semantics and logics; probabilistic programming for machine learning

Paul Jackson - Mechanical theorem proving, reactive systems, linear temporal logic.

Kyriakos Kalorkoti - Computational complexity, computer algebra, decision problems in group theory.

Elham Kashefi
Elham Kashefi - Models of quantum computing and their structural relations, exploring new applications, algorithms and cryptographic protocols for quantum information processing device.
Leonid Libkin - Databases and Applications of logic in computer science.

John Longley - Higher type computability, semantics of programming languages, program verification.

Sebastian Maneth
Sebastian Maneth

Richard Mayr - Automated verification, automata and temporal logic, model-checking and semantic equivalence checking, formal verification of real-time and probabilistic systems, infinite-state Markov chains and stochastic games.

Gordon Plotkin - Applications of logic, especially: the denotational and operational semantics of programming languages; type-theory; domain-theoretic and categorical analyses of computation; general proof theory; the semantics of natural language; process calculi and computational biology.

 Ajitha Rajan Ajitha Rajan

 DonS Donald Sannella - Algebraic specification and formal software development; correctness of modular systems; types and functional programming; resource certification for mobile code.

Rahul Santhanam  - Computational complexity theory, and applications to cryptography, game theory and learning theory; algorithms.

Rik Sarkar Photo
Rik Sarkar - networks, protocols, algorithms, mobile computing, sensor networks, geometry

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Alex Simpson - Category theory, domain theory, logic, type theory.

Alan Smaill - Constructive logics and non-realist semantics; reflection principles and their application within automated reasoning systems; theorem proving in relation to programming.

Ian Stark
Ian Stark - Semantics of computation, functional programming, concurrency, category theory and domain theory.

Perdita Stevens - Software engineering, concurrency, logic, verification.

Colin Stirling - Models of concurrent computation, modal and temporal logics, verification of program properties.

StratisV Stratis Viglas - Database systems, query optimisation, data stream processing, database theory, XML, peer-to-peer networks.

Philip Wadler - Programming languages, functional programming, lambda calculus, propositions-as-types, integrating static and dynamic typing, integrating queries into programming languages, session types and linear logic, web programming, Haskell, Erlang, F#, Java, Links, LINQ, Scala, XML, XQuery.



Research staff


  Brian Campbell

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Wei Chen

Fredrik Dahlqvist

  Diego Figueira

 Vashti Galpin Vashti Galpin

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Ilias Garnier

Tobias Heindel

 Egor V. Kostylev Egor Kostylev 

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Sam Lindley

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Garrett Morris

James McKinna
grant Grant Passmore

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Roland Perera
Roly Perera

Daniel Reijsbergen

Nassim Seghir

Andrea Weisse



Postgraduate Students

Danel Ahman
Danel Ahman
cristina Cristina Alexandru
Ricardo Almeida
Ricardo Almeida
chris Christopher Banks
Yang Cao
Yang Cao
chiranjit Chiranjit Chakraborty

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Andreas Chatzistergioy
Andreas Chatzistergiou
Hadi Daneshvar Farzanegan
Cheng Feng
Cheng Feng
 Daniel Franzen Daniel Franzen

Anastasios Georgoulas

Nargess Ghahremani-Azghandi
  Joseph Hallett
 Jiansen He Jiansen He
 Ricardo Honorato Ricardo Honorato
Ruizhe Huang
Ruizhe Huang
  Theodoros Kapourniotis

Panagiota Katsikouli
  Benedict Kavanagh

Gavin Keighren

Panagiotis Kritikakos
 Karoliina Lehtinen Karoliina Lehtinen

Kristjan Liiva
 howard Zhengshuai (Howard) Lin
Mark MacGillivray
  Fabian Nagel

Shayan Najd Javadipour

Vladimir Nikishkin
 ali Alireza Pourranjbar
  Andrew Sogokon
  Alistair Stewart

Marcin Szymczak

Chao Tian
patrick Patrick Totzke

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 Domagoj Vgroc Domagoj Vrgoc

Daifei Wang
  Xin Wang
 John Wilson-Kanamori John Wilson-Kanamori

Kenan Yao

Wenyuan Yu

Hang Zhang

Support Staff


Associate Members


Honorary Members





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