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Vaclav Brozek

For Which n \geq 2 Can You (Probably) Kill n Birds with One Counter?

Once upon a time, a little dwarf had a little pot of money, a big desire for investment, and a huge fear of going bankrupt. Also a princess sat in a tower of her wonderful castle and watched long queues of people wanting to visit it. "If only there were a verification for the Visiting Protocol to ensure that almost surely all of them will finally have the possibility to admire the wonderful architecture from inside," sighed the princess. Suddenly a brave prince, M.D. Terminacy, arrived, riding his faithful horse, Algorithm, and killed at least these two birds with a (solution for a couple of model checking problems regarding) One Counter (Simple Stochastic Games). And they all lived happily ever after.

Come and see the tales of Divergence and Termination, Merciless, ugh, I meant Memoryless Determinacy and Complexity, and Jumps over big Gaps. Starring:
*Reachability* as
the Objective for Stochastic Games with Infinitely Many Vertices,
*Automata Theory*, *Stochastic Modelling*, and *Much More* as
the Threesome of Motivation;
and, last but not least,
*Simple Strategy* as the Solution for Almost Everything.
And *Thousands* of Elephants!

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