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Lab Lunch talk by Vashti Galpin

Hybridising PEPA and beyond

When Jan 29, 2013
from 01:05 PM to 02:00 PM
Where MF2
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PEPA is a quantitative process algebra which has both a stochastic discrete semantic interpretation as continuous-time Markov chains and a deterministic continuous (fluid-flow) semantic interpretation as ordinary differential equations. I will describe how we have developed a hybrid semantics for PEPA combining both stochastic and deterministic behaviour, using parameterised semantics with transition-driven stochastic hybrid automata as our semantic target. In this approach, actions are classified as stochastic or deterministic in advance, and hence it can be considered a static approach. I will also briefly describe my current work on hybrid semantics for Bio-PEPA which takes a more dynamic approach in classifying reactions.
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