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Lab Lunch Talks 2013

Talks are on Tuesdays, starting at 1:00pm, in The Informatics Forum, Room MF2 4.40 (Mini-Forum 2, Level 4).

Lab Lunch Talks 2011-2012

Current Organizer: Daniel Franzen - email


Room changes for 2013 Lab Lunch Talks:

  • 5th of November - G03


08/01/2013 Stuart Anderson
 SFC Innovation Centres, a Digital Health Institute and some of the problems it faces
15/01/2013 Brian Campbell
 Trip report: Certified Programs and Proofs 2012
22/01/2013 Dimitrios Milios
 Markov Chain Simulation with Fewer Random Samples
29/01/2013 Vashti Galpin
 Hybridising PEPA and beyond
05/02/2013  Liz Elliot
 Institutes and money
12/02/2013 James McKinna
 Provisionally entitled: 'provisionality'; cognitive dimensions of programming-as-proof-search
19/02/2013 Wenyuan Yu
 Incremental Detection of Inconsistencies in Distributed Data
26/02/2013 Diego Figueira
 50 shades of bread
05/03/2013 Ilias Garnier
 Application of space-partitioning techniques to ray-tracing
12/03/2013 Kyriakos Kalorkorti
 Making Photographs in the Highlands in the Shadow of History
19/03/2013 Chris Banks
 A logic of behaviour in context and the continuous pi-calculus
26/03/2013 Chiranjit Chakraborty
 Instance compression and counting hierarchy
02/04/2013 no lab lunch
09/04/2013 Christina Alexandru
 Using Modelling and Simulation to Predict the Efficiency of Telemedicine Systems in Different Deployments
16/04/2013 no lab lunch
23/04/2013 Grant Passmore
 Making my new album, Hypnosis for Happiness
30/04/2013 Einar Pius
 Integer arithmetic with hybrid quantum-classical circuits
07/05/2013 no lab lunch

14/05/2013 Carron Shankland
 Tales from an EPSRC sandpit
21/05/2013 no lab lunch
28/05/2013 John Longley
 Theorem proving as a computer game
04/06/2013 Ajitha Rajan
 A little about me
11/06/2013 Egor Kostylev
 Orienteering: a sport and more than a sport
18/06/2013 Ursula Martin
 How I started thinking about computer proof a completely different way (and fell into social machines along the way)
25/06/2013 slot available
20/08/2013 Ezra Cooper
 The Timeless Way of Building
03/09/2013 Jiansen He
 Having Cloud in Hand: Google vs Amazon
10/09/2013 Domagoj Vrgoc
 Containment of negative upward-downward fragments of conjunctive positive XPath with reverse axes
17/09/2013 Ian Stark
 Succession Planning for Informatics Head of School
24/09/2013 Richard Mayr
 Playing Energy Games or What is it like to ski in the southern hemisphere?
01/10/2013 John Wilson-Kanamori
 From writing fiction to writing papers: a personal tale
08/10/2013 Vincent Danos
 Thermodynamic graph-rewriting
15/10/2013 Colin Stirling
 From model checking and equivalence checking to type checking
22/10/2013 Patrick Totzke
 Hack your inbox: building alot for notmuch
29/10/2013 no lab lunch
 Buneman Workshop
05/11/2013 Alistair Stewart
 Branching Markov Decision Processes and Newton's method
12/11/2013 Martin Hofmann
 Abstract effects and proof-relevant logical relations
19/11/2013 Mike Fourman
 Should digital inclusion be a right?
26/11/2013 Julian Bradfield

 Theory teaching in third year
03/12/2013 cancelled

10/12/2013 Stephen Gilmore
17/12/2013 Christmas Special



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