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Lecture by Damian Markham on quantum secret sharing

Dr. Damian Markham from Telecome ParisTech will present a long lecture on Quantum Secret Sharing on Monday 25 July Room IF1.15 (School of Informatics - University of Edinburgh) from 2 -4pm.

When Jul 25, 2011
from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM
Where IF 1.15, Informatics Forum
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Dr. Damian Markham

Title: Sharing secrets in a quantum world


Abstract: In this short lecture series we discuss various ways that quantum mechanics can be used to share secret information and control who has access to it. Secret sharing and related protocols play an important role in cryptography and have a rich mathematical structure.


It is an important primitive in many network tasks, for example secure

multiparty computation. In recent years various quantum versions of

secret sharing and related variants have arisen, with deep connections to several areas of information processing including error correction and the MDS conjecture. We will review secret sharing, data hiding and related other protocols to see how quantum mechanics can be used to shuffle information around and protect it in a multiparty setting.


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