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Previous LFCS Seminars

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Event LFCS seminar: Dalal Alrajeh: Repairing Software Requirements Models: A Declarative Learning-based Approach Event
Event LFCS seminar: Antoine Cailliau: Software Requirements Engineering: A risk-driven approach Event
Event LFCS seminar: Antonio Filieri: Probabilistic Symbolic Execution: Bringing quantitative analysis at code level Event
Event LFCS seminar: Rasmus Ibsen-Jensen: Faster algorithms for program analysis Event
Event LFCS seminar: Mark de Berg: Fine-grained complexity analysis of two classic TSP variants Event
Event LFCS seminar: Ross Duncan: Interacting Frobenius Algebras are Hopf but Quantum Theory is not Petri-nets Event
Event LFCS seminar: Paul Levy — Transition Systems over Games Event
Event LFCS seminar: Earl Barr: Automated Software Transplantation Event
Event LFCS Seminar: Alan Mislove: Measuring personalization of online services Event
Event LFCS Seminar: Ilario Bonacina: Strong Size Lower bounds in Resolution via Games Event
Event LFCS seminar: Shan Lin: MPC for Urban Transportation Systems Event
Event LFCS seminar: Neelakantan (Neel) Krishnaswami: Curry-Howard for GUIs via Linear Temporal Classical Linear Logic Event
Event LFCS seminar : Magnus Myreen: CakeML: a formally verified implementation of ML Event
Event LFCS Seminar: Francisco Ortin: Design and Implementation of an Efficient Hybrid Static and Dynamic Typing Language Event
Event LFCS Seminar: Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg: Inductive-inductive definitions in Type Theory Event
Event LFCS Seminar: Istvan Gyongy: Nonlinear filtering and stochastic partial differential equations Event
Event LFCS Seminar: Srikanth Srinivasan: Lower bounds for non-commutative skew circuits Event
Event LFCS seminar: Dr. Chris Heunen: Approximating transition systems Event
Event LFCS Seminar: Andrew Drucker: Confident predictions against an adversary Event
Event LFCS & Security seminar: Vincent Cheval: Timing attacks in security protocols: symbolic framework and proof techniques Event
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