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Theory Seminar Archive 2001

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  Speaker Title
January Alexander Rabinovich On Compositional method and its limitations
February Marcelo Fiore Computing Symbolic Models for Verifying Cryptographic Protocols
Martin Dyer A lower bound for the mixing time of a class of Markov chains
Eric Vigoda Approximating the permanent
April Martin Hofmann The strength of non-size increasing computation
Carsten Butz Non-standard models of intuitionistic and classical theories
Cédric Fournet Mobile Values, New Names, and Secure Communications
Martin Otto Domain Specific Algorithmic Model Theory
May Michael Zakharyaschev Spatio-temporal representation and reasoning
Peter O'Hearn Local Reasoning about Shared Mutable Data Structure
Peter Sewell Modules, Abstract Types, and Distributed Versioning
Carsten Fuhrmann Algebraic analysis of computational effects
Michael Mendler Intuitionistic Logic: More Semantics for Less Syntax
June Jan Jürjens Secure Systems Design with UML
Catherine Greenhill Hamiltonian decomposition of random bipartite regular graphs
August Francis Tang Reducing Proof Burden in Object-Oriented Verification
Martin Leucker Deciding LTL over Mazurkiewicz Traces
Jung-Bae Son Edge isoperimetry and rapid mixing on matroids and geometric Markov chains
October Jo Hannay Abstraction Barriers and Refinement in the Polymorphic Lambda Calculus
Markus Frick Generalized model-checking over locally tree-decomposable classes
Martin Grohe Computing crossing numbers in quadratic time
Andrei Krokhin The complexity of constraint satisfaction: an algebraic approach
November Peter Sewell The UDP Calculus: Rigorous Semantics for Real Networking
Petra Berenbrink Simple Routing Strategies for Adversarial Systems
December Conor McBride The View from the Left

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