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LFCS Seminar Archive 2003

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Date Time Room Speaker Title
  Tuesday 21 4pm 2511 Michal Konečný Functional In-place Update with Layered Datatype Sharing
  Thursday 23 4pm 2509 Doron Peled Unit Checking: Symbolic Model Checking for a Unit of Code
  Tuesday 28 4pm 2511 Christoph Koch Query Evaluation on Compressed Trees
  Tuesday 4 4pm 2511 Peter Bro Miltersen Circuits on Cylinders
  Tuesday 11 4pm 2511 Stefan Schwoon On Generalized Authorization Problems
  Tuesday 18 4pm 2511 Vladimiro Sassone Deriving bisimulation congruences: A 2 categorical approach
  Tuesday 4 4pm 2511 Ravi Montenegro Markov chain methods for studying water and some partial rapid mixing result
  Tuesday 11 4pm 2511 Haruo Hosoya Principles of typed XML processing
  Thursday 13 4pm 2511 Tobias Nipkow Proving Pointer Programs in Higher-Order Logic
  Tuesday 25 4pm 2511 Jan Obdrzalek Fast Mu-calculus Model Checking when Tree-width is Bounded
  Tuesday 8 4pm 2511 Zhaohui Luo PAL+: a lambda-free logical framework
  Friday 11 2pm 2511 Erik Meijer X# Overview: Unifying the Object-Oriented, Relational and Hierarchical Data Models
  Tuesday 15 4pm 2511 Andrei Bulatov The complexity of constraint satisfaction: an algebraic approach
  Tuesday 29 4pm 2511 Greg Morrisett A Type-Safe Dialect of C
  Tuesday 27 4pm 2511 Martin Dyer Approximate Counting by Dynamic Programming
  Thursday 5 4pm 2511 Ralph Loader Higher order beta matching
  Tuesday 10 2.30pm 2511 Luke Ong Game Semantics and its applications to Program Verification
  Tuesday 8 4pm 3218 Val Tannen XML Queries and Constraints, Containment and Reformulation
  Monday 4 3pm 2511 Kokichi Futatsugi Equational Proofs in CafeOBJ
  Thursday 22 2pm 2511 Benjamin Pierce Harmony: A synchronization framework for tree-structured data
  Tuesday 2 4pm 2511 Giuseppe Rosolini Constructing Parametric Models of Polymorphism on Domains
  Wednesday 3 11am 2511 Dan Suciu The Secrecy of Database Queries
  Tuesday 16 4pm 2511 Matthias Schroeder Admissible Representations in Type-2 Theory of Effectivity
  Friday 19 2pm 2511 Pietro Cenciarelli Configuration Theories: Concurrency in Sequent Form
  Tuesday 14 4pm 2511 Martin Escardo Topology of data types and computability concepts
  Tuesday 21 4pm 2511 Leonid Libkin Databases with interpreted data: numbers, strings, documents
  Tuesday 28 4pm 2511 Jeremy Bradley Measuring Uncertainty with Stochastic Probes
  Tuesday 4 4pm 2511 David Manlove Algorithms for Student-Project Allocation
  Tuesday 11 4pm 2511 Steve Awodey Kripke semantics for the lambda calculus
  Tuesday 25 4pm 2511 Stefan Dantchev On Relativisation and Complexity gap for Resolution-based proof systems
  Friday 28 2pm 2511 John Reppy A typed calculus of traits
  Tuesday 2nd 4pm 2511 Colin Cooper Web Graphs and Web Algorithms

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