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LFCS Seminar Archive 2004

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Date Time Room Speaker Title
  Friday 17 2PM 2511 Philip Scott Geometry of Interaction and the Dynamics of Proofs
  Tuesday 7 4pm 2511 Ranko Lazic Model Checking Polymorphic Systems with Arrays
  Tuesday 30 4pm 2511 Barry Jay The Pattern Calculus
  Tuesday 23 4pm 2511 Marta Kwiatkowska Symbolic Model Checking for Probabilistic Timed Automata
  Tuesday 9 3pm 2511 Michael Wooldridge On the Complexity of Reasoning about Cooperation: Qualitative Coalitional Games
  Tuesday 2 4pm 2511 Michael Bender Cache-Oblivious Search Trees
  Tuesday 19 4pm 2511 Ian Mackie Efficient Lambda Evaluation with Interaction Nets
  Tuesday 12 4pm 2511 Drew Moshier Continuous Real-valued functions on Domains and Related Spaces
  Tuesday 28 4pm AT James Cheney Logic Programming with Names and Binding
  Tuesday 7 4pm 2511 Peter Sewell Acute: High-level Programming Language Design for Distributed Computation
  Tuesday 6 4pm 2511 Benoit Larose Hard Constraint Satisfaction Problems and Homotopy Groups of Graphs
  Tuesday 29 4pm 2511 Nicola Gambino Generalised Species of Structures and Analytic Functors
  Friday 25 2pm 2511 Kohei Honda From Process Logics to Program Logics
  Tuesday 22 4pm 2511 Isi Mitrani Queues and Networks at Arrival and Departure Instants
  Friday 11 2pm 2511 Javier Esparza & Kousha Etessami Model Checking Probabilistic Pushdown Systems AND Recursive Markov chains, Stochastic Grammars, & Monotone Systems of Non-linear Equations
  Tuesday 8 4pm 2511 Michel Schellekens Compositional Average Time Analysis: Towards a Calculus for Software Timing
  Friday 4 2pm 6324 Corina Cirstea Coalgebras and Compositionality
  Tuesday 1 4pm 6301 Paolo Ballarini Towards compositional CSL model-checking
  Tuesday 27 4pm 2511 Martin Anthony Learning with Threshold Decision Lists
  Tuesday 20 4pm 2511 Russell Martin Strong Spatial Mixing for Lattice Graphs with Fewer Colours
  Tuesday 2 4pm 2511 Sibylle Froeschle Decidability and Coincidence of Equivalences for Concurrency
  Tuesday 24 4pm 2511 Kevin Glazebrook Restless Bandits and the Routing of Impatient Customers
  Friday 20 2pm 2511 Neil Ghani Categories of Containers
  Tuesday 17 4pm 2511 Ulrike Sattler Description Logics and Ontologies
  Tuesday 10 4pm 2511 Mikhail Taitslin Collapse results in Database Theory
  Tuesday 20 4pm 2511 Philip Wadler Call-by-value is dual to call-by-name
  Tuesday 13 4pm 2511 DeLesley Hutchins Functions, Classes and Prototypes

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