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LFCS Seminar Archive 2005

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Date Time Room Speaker Title
  Tuesday 13 4pm 2511 Paul Golberg Game Over! The end of the line for NASH
  Tuesday 6 4pm 2511 Martin Berger A Logical Analysis of Aliasing in Imperative Higher-Order Functions
  Monday 5 4pm 2511 Sandy Fraser Named flows and access control
  Friday 2 2pm 2511 Rasmus Ejlers Møgelbergs Linear Abadi and Plotkin Logic
  Tuesday 15 4pm 2511 Luke Ong On model-checking Trees Generated by Higher-Order Recursion Schemes
  Thursday 3 4pm 2511 K.V.S. Prasad Prospects for a Calculus of Mobile Broadcasting Systems
  Tuesday 1 4pm 2511 Kristina Vušković The Use of the Decomposition Method in the Analysis of Perfect Graphs
  Friday 28 11am 2511 Stephane Lengrand Type Theory in Sequent Calculus
  Tuesday 25 4pm 2511 Kousha Etessami Recursive Markov Decision Processes and Recursive Stochastic Games
  Wednesday 19 2pm 2511 Michael Ummels Rational Behaviour and Strategy Construction in Infinite Multiplayer Games
  Tuesday 27 4pm 2511 Burak Emir An express Scala tutorial
  Thursday 22 3:30pm 2511 Anthony K. Seda Some Aspects of the Integration of Logic-Based and Connectionist Systems
  Tuesday 13 4pm 2511 Ben Moszkowski A Hierarchical Analysis of propositional Temporal Logic based on Intervals
  Thursday 18 4pm
Sibylle Fröschle Two results on bisimulation
  Tuesday 14 4pm 2511 Christie Bolton A hierarchy of failures-based semantic models
  Friday 6 2pm 2511 Martin Grohe Tight Lower Bounds for Query Processing on Streaming and External Memory Data
  Tuesday 22 4pm 2511 Tom Friedetzky On Weighted Balls-into-bins Games
  Tuesday 15 4pm 5215 Alan Sokal The Multivariate Tutte Polynomial for Graphs and Matroids
  Friday 11 2pm 2.02 AT Marcelo Arenas XML Data Exchange: Consistency and Query Answering
  Tuesday 22 3pm 2511 Bernhard von Stengel Hard-to-solve Bimatrix Games              
  Tuesday 15 4pm 2511 Jacques Duparc A coarser version of the Wagner Hierarchy
  Friday 11 2pm 2511 Martin Escardo Operational Domain Theory and Topology of a Sequential Programming Language
  Friday 4 2pm 2511 Thorsten Altenkirch Towards a High-Level Quantum Programming Language
  Thursday 27 4pm 2511 Miki Tanaka Binding Signature for Generic Contexts
  Tuesday 25 4pm 2511 Christian Urban Nominal Reasoning Techniques in Isabelle/HOL    
  Friday 21 2pm 2511 Hayo Thielecke Answer-type Polymorphism in Continuation Passing

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