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Theory Seminar Archive 2006-7


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Date Time Room Speaker Title
Tuesday 28 4pm 2511 Martin Grohe Algorithmic Meta-theorems
Tuesday 17 4pm 2511 Gerardo Schneider Towards a formal language for writing electronic contracts
Tuesday 3 4pm 2511 Shimon Schocken From Nand to Tetris in 12 Steps
Tuesday 26 4pm 2511 Thomas Anberrée Semantical proofs of totality for sequential, real number computation
Monday 25 4pm 2511 Gian Luca Cattani Concurrent Processes for Software Analysis and Design
Friday 15 2.30pm 2511 Benjamin Pierce Resourceful Lenses for Ordered Data
Tuesday 5 4pm 2511 Thomas Streicher Realizability vs. Forcing
Tuesday 29 4pm 2511 Christian Urban Inductions in the Nominal Datatype Package (or, How Not to be Intimidated by the Variable Convention)
Wednesday 23 4pm 2509 Douglas Bridges Bishop's Constructive Mathematics Today
Tuesday 1 4pm 2511 Kousha Etassami On the complexity of approximating exact Fixed Points: Nash Equilibria, Stochastic Games, and Recursive Markov Chains
Thursday 19 11am 2509 Nikhil Swamy Managing Policy Updates in Security-typed Languages
Monday 19 4pm 2511 Nicola Trca Silent Steps in Markov Chains
February (2007)
Tuesday 20 4pm 2511 Irun R. Cohen Immune system computation and antigen-chip technology
Tuesday 5 4pm 2511 Magnus Bordevich Algorithms and complexity in phylogenetics: on hybridisation number
Tuesday 14 4pm 2511 K. Fisler and S. Krishnamurthi Policy-Informed Program Analyses
Tuesday 24 4pm 2511 Joel Ouaknine The Cost of Punctuality
Tuesday 17 4pm 2511 James Brotherston Sequent Calculus Proof Systems for Inductive Definitions
Tuesday 26 4pm 2511 Ross Anderson Satan's Computer -- Revisited
Tuesday 5 4pm 2511 Martin Escardo Fast exhaustive search over infinite search spaces
Tuesday 11 4pm 2511 Anupam Gupta Oblivious Network Design
Monday 5 4pm 2511 Andreas Bauer Runtime Reflection: An approach for the model-based runtime analysis of distributed reactive systems
Tuesday 2 4pm 2511 Marcin Jurdzinski Average time games
Tuesday 25 4pm 2511 Mark Jerrum Approximating the Tutte polynomial: a status report
Tuesday 18 4pm 2511 Moshe Y. Vardi Safraless Compositional Synthesis
Monday 17 4pm 2511 Benjamin C. Pierce The Weird World of Bi-directional Programming
Tuesday 21 4pm 2511 Byron Cook Automatically proving the termination of C programs
(**postponed until a later date**)
Tuesday 14 4pm 2511 Nicolai Vorobjov Complexity of computations with definable sets.
Wednesday 8 4pm AT 202 Val Tannen Models for Incomplete and Probabilistic Information
Tuesday 7 4pm 2511 Alan Selman Disjoint NP-Pairs
Tuesday 14 4pm 2511 Albert Atserias The finite model theory of random 3-CNF formulas
Tuesday 31 4pm 2511 Jennifer Tenzer Exploration games for UML software design

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