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Milner Lectures

Before he left Edinburgh for Cambridge, Robin Milner very kindly donated a sum of money to fund an annual lecture in Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh, to be given...Robin Milner

... by someone from outside the University who has done or is doing excellent and original theoretical work which has a perceived significance for practical computing. The spirit of the proposal is to keep a live connection between theory and application in computer science.

The Milner Lecture is a public lecture which is held annually and open to all. The speaker visits for several days and usually gives one or more other technical talks.

Robin Milner was one of the founding members and the first director of the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science. He then moved to Cambridge where he held a Research Professorship in the Computer Laboratory.  He passed away on 20 March 2010, obituaries can be found at the Guardian and the University of Cambridge.


Future Lectures


Milner lecture 2017: Wednesday 31 May 2017, speaker Luca Cardelli 

Milner Lecture 2018: date TBC, speaker Georg Gottlob

Past Lectures


Nominations for future lecturers



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