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Past Events

List of events which have passed.

LFCS Seminar: Alin Stefanescu

Test generation and model learning for Event-B

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Lab Lunch with Andrea Weisse

Andrea Weisse will be speaking about a model of cellular growth. Biscuits and company will be provided as usual.

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Amelie Gheerbrant: Green Smoothie Tasting and Logics on Trees

The talk will starts with some green smoothie tasting. The green smoothie (banana, pear, spinash, ginger, lemon, spirulina) will be made on site with the help of my famous Vitamix blender. I will then use the energy boost provided by the beverage in order to expose a model theoretic technique that I developed in my PhD thesis. The technique combines methods from classical and from finite model theory and it can be used in order to show the completeness of axiomatizations of fragments of monadic second-order logic on finite trees. I will mention a recent follow up of that work, as well as some new directions I have in mind. Bring your glass!

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Lab lunch by Stephen Gilmore

Robin Milner: Private Communication

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Lab Lunch: Maria Luisa Guerriero

Process algebra and model-checking for computational systems biology

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Database Seminar: Yinghui Wu

Simulation revised for graph pattern matching

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Lab Lunch Talk by Andreas Chatzistergiou

Andreas Chatzistergiou will be our speaker. Biscuits will be provided as usual.

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LFCS Seminar: Anthony Widjaja Lin

Tractability Results for Automata on (Vectors of) Numbers with Applications

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