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Past Events

List of events which have passed.

Lab lunch by Sebastian Maneth

Sebastian Maneth will speak about Formal Graph Language Theory. Biscuits will be arranged by Fabian Peternek.

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Guido Sanguinetti: Machine learning for continuous time Markov chains

Continuous Time Markov Chains (CTMCs) play a key role in many areas of the physical and computational sciences. My own interest in CTMCs sparks from their use as models of biochemical reaction systems. Frequently, in biology, we can also obtain time-resolved observations of (some parts) of the system; however, the system is frequently not fully characterised, both in terms of its parametrisation and in terms of the structure of the underlying reaction network. Here, I will give a rather tutorial introduction to how ideas from machine learning could be used to perform statistical inference for CTMC systems. I'm aiming to explain both the fundamental ideas and some key derivations, but I may be overoptimistic and would welcome an interactive approach.

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Lab Lunch by Kyriakos Kalorkoti

Two Brief Talks: Solving Łukasiewicz mu-terms, and Photographing LFCS.

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Lab Lunch by Malcolm Atkinson

How should we think about data-intensive federation

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Lecture by Damian Markham on quantum secret sharing

Dr. Damian Markham from Telecome ParisTech will present a long lecture on Quantum Secret Sharing on Monday 25 July Room IF1.15 (School of Informatics - University of Edinburgh) from 2 -4pm.

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Lab Lunch by Michael Fourman

Should digital inclusion be a right?

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Richard Mayr: Genetic Testing: What can you learn from it?

Genotyping and even full genome sequencing is rapidly becoming more accessible to the general public. This talk gives an overview of the current techniques and their implications, focusing on the following questions. What kinds of people have their genes tested, and for which reasons? How do current genotyping methods work? What can you learn from your test results?

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