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Past Events

List of events which have passed.

Lab Lunch by Michael Fourman

Should digital inclusion be a right?

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Richard Mayr: Genetic Testing: What can you learn from it?

Genotyping and even full genome sequencing is rapidly becoming more accessible to the general public. This talk gives an overview of the current techniques and their implications, focusing on the following questions. What kinds of people have their genes tested, and for which reasons? How do current genotyping methods work? What can you learn from your test results?

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LFCS Seminar: Sam Staton

Instances of computational effects -- an algebraic perspective

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LFCS Seminar: Randy Pollack

Viewing Lambda Terms Through Maps

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LFCS Seminar: Julian Gutierrez

Determinacy for concurrent games on event structures

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Lab Lunch with Daniel Franzen

Daniel Franzen will be our speaker. Biscuits will be provided as usual.

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Lab Lunch talk by Brian Campbell

Trip report: Certified Programs and Proofs 2012

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