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Past Events

List of events which have passed.

LFCS lunch to welcome PhD students

A second run at last Friday's event, with a new pizza supplier

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Lab Lunch with Nicolas Behr

Physicist-friendly computer science: nondeterminism via associative algebras

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Lab Lunch by Cristina-Adriana Alexandru

Using Modelling and Simulation to Predict the Efficiency of Telemedicine Systems in Different Deployments

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LFCS Seminar: Richard Mayr

Automata Minimization and Language Inclusion Checking

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Lab Lunch by SÅ‚awek Staworko

Between music and roller skating

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LFCS Seminar: Marta Kwiatkowska

Design and Analysis of DNA Strand Displacement Devices using Probabilistic Model Checking

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LFCS Seminar: Jamie Gabbay

Stone duality for first-order logic (a nominal approach)

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LFCS Seminar: Jean-Eric Pin

Equational descriptions of logic fragments

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LFCS Seminar: Ross Duncan

The ZX-Calculus: a graphical approach to quantum computing

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Lab Lunch by Faron Moller

Professor Faron Moller from Swansea University will talk about Technocamps, an outreach programme he runs in Wales.

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