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This work is circa 2005, and no longer maintained. This static copy of the old Plone site for historical interest only. Not all functions may work.


Welcome to the JAST Eyetracker Resources web pages

This web site provides a repository of information, data and software tools emerging from eyetracker-related work conducted during the EU funded JAST Project (EU FP6 IST Cognitive Systems Integrated Project FP6-003747-IP).

The JAST eyetracker subgroup used Eyelink II eyetrackers to study how two people collaborate when they complete a task jointly. Our extensions to current eyetracking techniques include:

  • tracking eye movements against dynamic screen regions such as those required to track moving objects;
  • capturing the recorded movements of two eyetrackers in synchrony with each other as well as with other behavioural streams such as speech;
  • and superimposing the game and mouse traces from one participant onto the screen of another live during a joint task.

We use these extensions to run experiments in which two participants cooperate in assembling a two-dimensional model.

If this is your first visit to this site, a good place to start is the Introduction page, which provides an overview of the eyetracker experiments conducted during the JAST project.

Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate this site. In particular, you can find information, data and experimental results from our eyetracker experiments, various software resources and tools developed during the project, and a collection of documentation on various aspects of the project and software. If you can't find what you are looking for, try the Search box at the top right of the page. Users in the School of Informatics at Edinburgh University can log in using their DICE account details via the link at the top right in order to access additional local content.

This site mainly covers the data produced by the Edinburgh group.  Data produced by the Max Planck Institute group is available at their own corpus site.

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