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This work is circa 2005, and no longer maintained. This static copy of the old Plone site for historical interest only. Not all functions may work.


JCT Software and Tools downloads

Links to downloadable packages containing the source code for the JCT experimental platform and various analysis tools

Important Information

The software packages listed on this page include source code, README and LICENSE files.  Documentation is not included in the packages; the most up-to-date documentation can be found in the Documentation section of this web site (use the Search facility in the top right-hand corner if you cannot find what you are looking for).

Most importantly, please note that this source code is provided as a service to the community, but some manual modifications will be required to get it working in your particular computing environment.  For further information, see the README files in the download packages.

JCT Software Package

This is the primary software package for the JCT experiment containing all of our source code for the main software platform used to conduct the experiments, along with various tools developed for analysing the data. The software supports export to various formats, including ELAN and the NITE XML Toolkit, which are available separately.

Please note the following information from the README file:

Important Notice:

This source code is provided as a service to the community, but some manual
modifications will be required to get it working in your particular computing

Note in particular the following:

    1. The main JCT software (in directory software/jast_src/JCT) uses a number
of third party libraries, which are not included.  Details of these are given

    2. Most of the C++ programs in this release were developed using Microsoft
Visual Studio (MSVS).  MSVS project files (.vcproj) and solution files (.sln)
are included in the release to provide an example of what is required to build
and link the programs.  However, even if you have MSVS, these files will need to
be edited to find the required third-party libraries in your environment.  No
other makefiles are provided, but the .vcproj file shows which libraries would
need to be included in a makefile.


Contents of Release:

00README-JAST-SOFTWARE-RELEASE.txt    Readme file (this file)
software                              Directory for software source code
  L jast_src
  |  L JCT                            The main JCT software
  |  L ellipsegen                     Small utility for generating vertices
  |                                     representing an ellipse
  L JASTAnalyser                      Tool to take ASCII files from JCT
  |                                     software and convert to GDF format
  |                                     suitable for use with most of our
  |                                     analysis tools
  L gdf2nxt                           Tools to convert GDF format to NXT format,
  |                                     suitable for further analysis
  L JASTEDF2MPG                       Tool for generating MPG movies from
  |                                     JCT output
  L JASTModelBuilder                  Tool for generating models to be used
                                        in JCT experiments


Third Party Libraries:

To build the JCT software in software/jast_src/JCT, it needs to link to the
following third party libraries:

    * SDL (
      We used version 1.2.8

    * SDL_gfx (
      We used version 2.0

    * SGE ( [also requires the
freetype219.lib library]
      The source files that we used from the SGE library are actually included
in this distribution in the software/jast_src/JCT, along with the license file
in software/jast_src/JCT/sge_license.txt.  But note that you still need to
freetype library and any other dependencies listed on the SGE website.

    * Xerces (
      We used version 2.6.0

    * Simple Sockets (COSMIC) ( [also
requires the Microsoft WinSockets2 library, Ws2_32.lib]
      We used version 6 (dated 24 Mar 2005)
Authors Craig Nicol, Joseph Eddy, Tim Taylor
Contact No longer available


Drift Correction Software

The drift correction software developed as part of the JAST project is also available for the benefit of other users of the Eyelink II who wish to do eyetracking over a video. This software requires ffmpeg (which is included in binary form in the package). There is also an alpha version of software to add eye-trace data to an existing video.

Author Craig Nicol
Contact No longer available
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